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Data Distribution & Support

Supporting your data delivery from day one.
Market Data Support

At Tradition Data, we offer our customers the best in data distribution and support services.

Our data packages contain enriched market data content sourced direct from Tradition, one of the world’s largest global inter-dealer brokerage companies, and enhanced by our in-house analytics teams.

Covering a wide range of asset classes, we supply our data in real-time and point-in-time – point-in-time being a snapshot at specific times and historical time ranges. This is made possible through our extensive partner networks and proprietary direct global distribution network.

From onboarding new customers to offering ongoing technical support, we ensure that our dedicated customer support team is easily available and accessible to our customers around the globe.

Contact details:
Telephone: +44 (0)207 198 5826
Hours: Sunday 21:00 GMT/BST – Friday 23:00 GMT/BST.

Data distribution ecosystem

Through our broad range of fast, flexible and secure connections, we can offer our data to customers using our Market Data Platform (MDP).

Connecting to our data service is easy!  At TraditionData, we strive to provide seamless access to our real-time services. Once connected, customers can take advantage of our resilient global network, supported by geographically distributed points of presence (POPs). These strategically located POPs ensure reliable and efficient data delivery.

Our current POPs can be found at the following datacenters:

  • Equinix LD4, LD8 & NY4

Additionally, our services are also accessible within our Cloud Partners ecosystems.

Data Direct from TraditionData

We provide real-time data direct via three market data protocols:

FIX 5.0 – Financial Information eXchange version 5.0 – Industry Standard.

Refinitiv Real Time / ETA/UPA – allowing backbone to backbone connectivity.

JSON over Websocket – Eliminating need for intermediary service providers

Personalised Ways to Receive Our Data:

At TraditionData, we understand the importance of providing flexible and reliable connectivity options for our customers.

We offer a range of solutions tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Cross Connects: Our cross connects provide the quickest and most direct method of accessing our geographically distributed, financial-grade datacentres. With this option, you can enjoy seamless connectivity and maximize the efficiency of data transfer.
  • Data Centre Networks & Cloud Partner Networks: By leveraging both our cloud partners and Equinix’s global internal network, we ensure enhanced connectivity and expanded reach. You can benefit from the combined power of these networks, ensuring reliable and efficient data transmission.
  • Carrier Neutral Networks Lease Lines: If you prefer using a lease line, we offer carrier-neutral options. As a carrier-neutral venue, TraditionData provides traditional lease lines, giving you the freedom to choose the provider that best suits your requirements.
  • Internet: For a more convenient solution, we also offer IPSEC VPN/SSL VPN access via the internet. This option allows you to securely connect to our services from anywhere, making it ideal for remote access scenarios.
Empowering Data Distribution through Strategic Partnerships

As a business, we recognize the importance of seamless integration and accessibility to third-party services that align with our customers’ infrastructure and operations.

To ensure a smooth and efficient experience for our customers, we have forged strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Bloomberg, Refinitiv, and our Cloud Partners.

  • Bloomberg: Our partnership with Bloomberg enables you to access the latest data seamlessly through their robust platform. By leveraging this integration, you can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, leveraging the power of real-time information.
  • Refinitiv: Through our collaboration with Refinitiv, you gain access to their comprehensive suite of data and analytics solutions. This partnership empowers you to leverage their platform’s capabilities to enhance your decision-making process and stay ahead in today’s dynamic market landscape.
  • Cloud Partners: Our partnership with our Cloud Partners opens up new possibilities for data access and distribution. By utilizing their platform, you can easily discover, subscribe to, and integrate our data into your existing workflows, enabling you to extract maximum value from our services.

These partnerships reflect our commitment to providing our customers with enhanced data distribution options. By leveraging the expertise and infrastructure of these global partners, we ensure that our data remains easily accessible, allowing our customers to make informed decisions with speed and efficiency.

If the market is open, we are open.
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