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Jim began his career as an interest rate swap and FX trader for Credit Suisse and then spent the last 20 years of his career creating and managing institutional digital data, analytic and content platforms for Bloomberg, Lehman Brothers, Barclays and Citibank. As Head of Product he is responsible for ensuring that TraditionData’s product suite continually evolves to meet the needs of both the market and our customers.
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An End of Day data source for Precious Metal Forwards and Volatility.
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TraditionData’s End of Day Price assessments provide independent and reliable insight of the main Precious Metal Benchmarks.

Our daily price assessments show futures prices for the prevailing forwards and options precious metals contracts.

End of Day broker prices are based on expert assessment of daily activity in covered markets. Displayed prices do not represent currently actionable orders.

Curve coverage is dependent on market activity, and levels of granularity may fluctuate based on changes in liquidity.

Forward curves typically span from front week/front month up to 10 years out and Option curves typically span from front month to 5 years out.

Historical data is available on request.


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Asses Market Risk using a reliable, independent and market driven pricing source.

Dynamically hedge your portfolio leveraging Tradition ATM Gold and Silver Options Data.

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