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Jim began his career as an interest rate swap and FX trader for Credit Suisse and then spent the last 20 years of his career creating and managing institutional digital data, analytic and content platforms for Bloomberg, Lehman Brothers, Barclays and Citibank. As Head of Product he is responsible for ensuring that TraditionData’s product suite continually evolves to meet the needs of both the market and our customers.
Japanese Government Bonds

Japanese Government Bonds

Insight into the second largest government bond market in the world. Precise, intra-day, indicative market data and access to current JGB issues.
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Whether you are looking to maximize returns, hedge risk or evaluate opportunities, our Japanese Government Bond (JGB) service adds to your arsenal of tools to analyse this important sovereign debt market.

UEDA Tradition Securities (“UEDA Tradition”) is part of the Ueda Yagi Group which is one of the largest of the Tanshi companies (since 1918) and is currently providing institutional pricing during the trading day in Japan.

The Japanese Government Bond (JGB), based on data taken directly from UEDA Tradition’s broking desk and the TraditionData analytics team in Asia, will provide the much-needed data for global fixed income investors and managers seeking insight into the world’s second largest government bond market.

  • Intra-day market data pricing for Japanese Government Bonds
  • Greater visibility and awareness of the risk and return characteristics of Japanese Yen (“JPY”) denominated sovereign debt, considered the benchmark for all Asia Pacific (“APAC”) fixed income markets
  • Ueda Tradition is one of the leading Inter-Dealer Brokers (IDB’s) providing wholesale/institutional pricing during the trading day in Tokyo
  • Active in Japanese Government Bills (less than 1 year maturity) through to long bonds (mature in 40 years) – benchmarks and off-the-runs

Key stats

benchmark points on the curve
JGB weight in the index

Key benefits

An accurate, pure and timely market data service for JGBs, a prominent component of global fixed income indices and investor portfolios

More visibility into the risk and return characteristic of Japanese Yen (JPY) denominated sovereign debt – the anchor benchmark for all APAC credit

A credible and competent alternative to other market data providers for JGBs, whose prices are often ‘aggregated’ – a blend of multiple banks and brokers

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