This event brings together senior capital market representatives and industry leaders from ICMA’s global membership.

As we continue to navigate volatile markets and global geopolitical events, it’s crucial for finance professionals to have access to precise OTC market data that will allow them to stay ahead of the competition.

Building on our foundations of knowledge, integrity and trust we have developed a reputation for our fresh perspective, innovative products and agile approach to client service. With over 1 trillion data points across 200+ products and 200k instruments going back 15+ years, as well as a global presence with 40+ offices in 30 countries, we provide consistent, high-quality financial market data that reflects real price interest in global OTC swaps markets.

Join the TraditionData team at ICMA 2024, which will delve into key topics including:

  • Leading change through innovation – the ongoing march to digitising global bond markets.
  • T+1, Central clearing and the Tape: Navigating bond market evolution and fragmentation risks.
  • The dynamics and hurdles facing the short-term fixed income markets.

TraditionData Team Attending

  • James Stanhope – Head of Sales, EMEA
  • Ian Sams – Head of Product, EMEA
  • Daria Graesli – Business Development Manager
  • Federica Ferretti – Business Development Manager
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