ISLA 2024 highlights the importance of securities finance, as we continue to navigate volatile markets and global geopolitical events. Now more than ever, it is crucial for finance professionals to have access to precise OTC market data that will allow them to stay ahead of the competition. At TraditionData we provide comprehensive repo data prices, with data sourced from Tradition – the world’s IDB leader for USD Repo. Building on our foundations of knowledge, integrity and trust we have developed a reputation for our fresh perspective, innovative products and agile approach to client service.

TraditionData Attendees

  • Daria Graesli, Business Development Manager

About TraditionData

Get closer to the market with TraditionData. With over 1 trillion data points across 200+ products and 200k+ instruments going back 15+ years, as well as a global presence with 40+ offices in 30 countries, we provide precision OTC market data and analytics to our customers that is used daily for trading and business decisions.


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