In this time of market uncertainty, rising short-term interest rates, inflationary pressures, geopolitical instability and the recent cessation of LIBOR, having access to a robust and flexible pricing engine combined with precision data is more important than ever.

Designed initially for both Corporates and Fund Administrators, Xplain has been developed to effortlessly generate trade and portfolio valuations and ensure data quality. The tool also provides transparency on counterparty-specific CSAs, cash flows, collateral posting and liquidity requirements, all based upon scalable technology/automation. The result is improved risk mitigation coupled with the enhanced control, flexibility and ROI that legacy technology and operational models often struggle to deliver.


Su Green, Chief Product Officer – Solum Financial
James Stanhope, Head of Sales EMEA – TraditionData
Gareth Boden, Chief Technology Officer – Solum Financial

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