Scott Fitzpatrick, Head of TraditionData, and Stuart Giles, US Chief Strategy Officer, recently sat down with Global Investor Group’s Radi Khasawneh to discuss how recent turmoil in the markets is driving demand for our modelled LIBOR alternatives.

Discussing our unique Tradition Predictive Overnight Repo (TPOR) Rate Data Service, Scott and Stuart highlighted the recent success the Service has had in accurately predicting the Fed Fixing on a daily basis, even during periods of volatility. As interest in the Service has grown, driven by shifting rates sentiment and the transition away from the old US dollar LIBOR benchmark, we are now exploring the application of the methodology to other markets, such as the Mexican Equilibrium Interest Rate (TIIE).

With the ongoing conversion of legacy US LIBOR positions to SOFR, in addition to many other new ARR’s being introduced globally, our range of ARR products have played a crucial role in supporting the market transition away from LIBOR. Despite the end of US Dollar Libor in June, TraditionData will continue to produce LIBOR data to meet client demand for legacy positions.

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