Tradition Mexico acts as intermediary for the first MXN Overnight TIIE Swaps Trade, paving the way for F-TIIE to become the new benchmark in the Mexican Interest Rate Derivatives market.

This week, Tradition Mexico was the intermediary in the first MXN Overnight TIIE funding rate (F-TIIE) swaps trade. The F-TIIE rate has been selected as the new benchmark for interest rate derivatives in the Mexican market. 

Although the CME futures contracts are still very illiquid, we expect to see the new F-TIIE OIS rate being cleared early this year.

In October 2023 we announced that TraditionData was the first IDB to release data for MXN F-TIIE curve publishing a 1W through to 2Y curve following a lunar month structure. This data is available direct or via our distribution partners, LSEG & Bloomberg.

This dataset, in conjunction with Tradition’s leading LATAM broking business, demonstrates our global presence with local market expertise. As a business, we continually develop and enhance our OTC data products to power business and trade decisions around the world.

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