As a result of continued strategic investment in our broking and market data businesses, TraditionDATA is pleased to announce the re-launch of our US Fuel Oil End of Day Offer.

We continue to enhance our data offering for clients when new product pricing is made available.  As such, we will be adding newly available Fuel oil instruments to the files “Tradition_FuelUS_YYYY_MM_DD”, whilst simultaneously removing non-pricing instruments.
New instruments to be added:

  • 1% NYH Brent Crack
  • US Hi-Lo
  • 3% GC Brent Crack
  • 0.5 GC
  • 0.5 GC / 3GC
  • 0.5 GC Brent Crack
  • 3% GC / 380

Legacy instruments to be removed, which are no longer priced by the Fuel Oil Desk:

  • 0.3% NYH (0.3%/1%)
  • 0.3% NYH Fuel
  • 0.7% NYH (0.7%/1%)
  • 0.7% NYH Fuel
  • 2.2% NYH (2.2%/GC)
  • 2.2% NYH Fuel
  • 3% NYH (3%/GC)
  • 3% NYH Fuel
  • 1% NYH Crack

Please note, relevant instruments are now available via our Oil Swap Model.

Changes in the file will be carried on the weekend of the 10th and 11th of December and the new file format will be released into production on the 12th of December 2022.

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