The first month after the cessation of USD LIBOR saw Tradition outperform its competitors. Once again, Tradition remains the dominant broker in the inter-dealer USD Interest Rate Swap market in liquidity based on DV01 USD trades executed by IDB SEFs, with a July market share of 34.5%, and a 12 month rolling market share average of over 36%.*

Furthermore, across the USD Rates Swap market spectrum Tradition are number one in three out of the five traded categories:

– SOFR Butterflies
– CCP Switches
– Forwards / IMMs

Available direct via our own proprietary data feed or through the major industry vendors, our USD swaps data directly reflects our strengths in this market.

*Source: Clarus SEFView. Please note our numbers are based on actual traded volumes reported by each SEF, and not the limited figures as shown in the public SDR data.

2023 USD Market Share Graph