We are proud to be sponsoring The Full FX Scandinavia taking place on Wednesday 10th May 2023.

This event brings together the regional market data community and will be made up of panel debates, insightful thought leadership, strong exhibits and multiple networking opportunities.

Panel Discussion: Talking Data
13:40 – James Watson (Global Head of Sales)

In today’s rapidly evolving FX markets, data lies at the heart of every decision and strategy. However, the exponential growth of data also presents challenges, particularly when it comes to filtering out the white noise. As we strive for excellence, it becomes crucial to explore effective solutions and strategies.  James Watson (Global Head of Sales), alongside Colin Lambert and John Stead, will delve into the fascinating world of data management. Together, they will address pressing questions and engage in insightful conversations. Questions to be answered will include:

📌 How are firms utilizing data in their day-to-day operations?
📌 How is data reshaping the FX market?
📌 What role does the speed of data delivery play in decision-making?
📌 What new applications for data have emerged in recent years?
📌 Does data hold different values across various product sets?
📌 Can ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) be a fertile ground for data providers?

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