We are proud to announce that we have released our new CHF SARON IRO Surface, powered by data science.

The algorithm which generates the curve uses Gottex, the leading interdealer broker in Swiss derivatives, CHF SARON OIS content and the latest advances in machine learning to generate volatility surfaces for illiquid markets with sparse data.

The model synthesises large quantities of information, tracking related markets that exhibit common hidden patterns. The algorithm then generates missing data in a way that is simple, fast, market-consistent and non-arbitrageable for these currencies.

This model is overlaid into our existing proprietary volatility models, and checked daily by our product and analytics teams, to ensure that data sits within our predefined tolerance levels.

“In markets such as CHF swaptions, which are highly illiquid with very few observable market-quoted prices, we will produce volatility surfaces by tracking related markets that exhibit some common behaviours. This can help provide insight into sensible levels for those surfaces. Should liquidity increase, these surfaces will more and more reflect actual market pricing.” Steve Dalton, Director – Analytics.

We will continue to add more currency curves over the course of 2024, expanding access to data for our clients in these more illiquid markets, which will also include Cap/Floor data.

The data is currently available Direct from TraditionData, or via BBG and LSEG.

EID: 29387

Tradition IRO: Global (Applications) – SDTFSDSIOG
Tradition IRO: EMEA (Applications) – SDTFSDSIOE

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