We are pleased to announce the release of our new, proprietary data product – the Oil Swap Model (OSM). This data release offers a real-time source for oil swaps pricing data, drawing directly from Tradition’s 22 brokerage desks and analytics teams across the globe.

Visibility into illiquid and opaque oil markets

The OSM provides full product coverage across crude and the refined product spectrum alongside a comprehensive forward curve covering monthly, quarterly and calendar time periods.

This unique product has been created with the expertise of Tradition’s experienced analytical team on its market-leading oil broking desk, coupled with an established pricing model with proven methodology to create a reliable, independent and market driven product.

The model provides 13,000 updates per second across 20,000 instruments, enabling users to spot arbitrage opportunities within inter-product and inter-regional spreads. The full flexibility on data content, and the ability to choose from a suite of data packages to be delivered either in real-time or per chosen snapshots, make the OSM a perfect fit for the front office and middle office.

Actionable insights into the oil market are needed more than ever

COP27 has highlighted the need to fasten the pace of decarbonisation. However, the event also made clear that fossil fuel will still play a crucial role in the global energy infrastructure over the next few decades. Access to accurate oil pricing will remain key to financial and commodities institutions to enable them to navigate increased market uncertainty and volatility fuelled by the energy crisis, net zero strategies and a changing competitor landscape.

Francesca Marrone, Energy and Commodities Product Manager at TraditionData, commented: “Our proprietary Oil Swap Model Product utilises best-in-class data from Tradition, one of the largest interdealer brokers globally, making it a valuable, real-time source for data pricing within oil swaps. It provides our clients with an insight into traditionally opaque, voice traded products, giving them an advantage over their competitors during a critical time in OTC oil traded markets. It’s our mission to provide our clients with access to the data they need when they need it most and we look forward to expanding our offering across a range of asset classes in the coming months.”

The release of the OSM aligns with our mission to offer smaller, granular packages based on currency, region or product which enables clients to only pay for what they actually need.

To find out more about the Oil Swap Model, please click here.

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