As of 28 October 2022, we have removed all instruments related to “10 ppm Sing – 500ppm sing Diff” (labelled as “Sing10ppm”, tenors 0-5 Months, 0-4 QTRs) due to a fall in liquidity from the file “Tradition_DistillateSing_yyyy_mm_dd”.

Why have we done this?

As a provider of market driven indicative pricing, we have to take into consideration actual market activity.

Due to a change in specification the liquidity of this product has fallen. As such, a market based price indication is no longer possible.

How does this impact you?

From the 28th of October the file“Tradition_DistillateSing_yyyy_mm_dd” will no longer include the following instruments:

  • “Sing10ppm”, tenors 0-5 Months, 0-4 QTRs

Clients should disregard any mark from 06/06/2022 for these instruments. From 11/10/2022 – 28/10/2022 “Sing10ppm” will be marked at zero and the date will no longer update.

Please note that other instruments within the file are unaffected by this change.