We are proud to announce that we have won the Best Financial Market Data & Analytics Provider at Wealth and Finance International’s 7th Annual Fund Awards.

The Wealth and Finance International Annual Funds Awards recognise the achievements of innovative fund professionals from across the globe who are delivering a market-leading product alongside an exceptional customer experience.

As a business, we are always pursuing new, diverse and flexible ways in our approach to market data provision across all asset classes in the global OTC derivatives markets.

By offering smaller, focused and more granular packages based on currency, region or product we enable our clients to pay for what they need, as opposed to larger packages that need unbundling.

So far in 2022, we have built and published over 135 new Interest Rate Derivative (IRD) curves and over 6,600 instruments. This augments the 30,000+ new interest rate derivatives instruments already published, with more constantly being developed in line with client demand.

The firm was selected by a judging panel consisting of a team of research professionals who evaluate relevant candidates based on expertise in a given area, dedication to client fulfilment, noteworthy performance and commitment to innovation.

Scott Fitzpatrick, Head of TraditionData, comments: “Over the past year, we have grown our team globally, strengthened relationships with data vendors and added product offerings to ensure we continue to provide the best experience for our customers. This award win is strong validation of our unique model and our team’s hard work and dedication to providing a better, alternative model of data consumption for our clients.”

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