We are pleased to announce the addition of Eurobob E10 gasoline curves to our Oil Swap Model (OSM) Product.

Tradition’s European Gasoline desk has been active in the E10 swap market since October 2023, and we are now able to offer the new Gasoline grade to our data clients too.

Which files are affected?

If you are receiving the files “Tradition_Lightends_ YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM” or “Tradition_Lights_YYYY_MM_DD”, please reach out to your sales representative or account manager to request migration to the files containing the new data sets.

You will then be given access to one of the three files below which will include the Gasoline E10 data:


There will be no changes to our Real Time service. Do get in touch with your sales representative if you would like to find out more about this additional dataset.

What are the new datasets?

The below instruments have been added:

Contract Name
Instrument Code
Number of Tenors
Eurobob E10 Gasoline FOB Rotterdam Barges
Eurobob E10 Gasoline FOB Rotterdam Barges (Spread)
Eurobob E10 Gasoline FOB Rotterdam Barges vs Brent
Eurobob E10 Gasoline FOB Rotterdam Barges vs Eurobob Gasoline FOB Rotterdam Barges
RBOB Gasoline vs Eurobob E10 Gasoline FOB Rotterdam Barges

Data sample files are available on request. Please reach out to your sales representative for further information

Additional considerations

If you are using a third party platform to consume the Tradition OSM Product, please liaise directly with your data provider to clarify when changes will come into effect on their platform.

Date of availability of new data set: Available on request

Other Energy & Commodities product news

E10 addition is only a part of new instruments added: We have overall added over 1300 instrument to the new Oil dataset, do get in touch to hear more about it.

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